• Go ahead, Make her happy.
    Ever wish your floors were different? Rock Solid Surfaces can make your floors fresh and new in no time. Don't remove it, resurface it!
  • Change the Look
    So, you don't like having pl ain 12x12 tiles just like the Jones'? We can fix that in just a day or two without tearing your house apart!
  • Let them envy your Groutlines
    So your Mother-in-law is coming to town? Don't you have better things to do than to spend a whole evening trying to bleach your groutlines?
ThinkEasy toClean.
Achieve a NEWSurface WITHOUTDemolition.

Remodeling made Easy

Want to remodel but not willing to endure the side affects, namely: clouds of dust, the thunder of a jack hammer, or the days without a kitchen? Well, wait no longer. There is no reason to remove that old ugly tile when Rock Solid Surfaces can resurface it!

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Keep it Clean

Easy to clean? Yes, you found it! You know those groutlines you've never been able to keep clean--well no more. Kiss dirty groutlines goodbye! Rock Solid groutlines will not discolor or hold dirt.

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Your Style in Stock

Each and every surface is one of a kind beacuse it is made or order. Your tile, wood, rock, or other look is a specially formulated mix customized to your style. Before we did it, it did not exist. You are not confined by the choices a manufacturer made for you.

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